Medical Practice Solutions has professionals on staff to consult on all of your nonclinical needs.  We help you with the details of opening your own medical practice or refining your existing practice.  Our consulting services include: establishing a new practice, chart audit, staff development, staffing, bookkeeping, best practices (Policies & Procedures), revenue cycle management, we cover it all. 

New Practice Start-Up Support

Our service can be scaled to  your needs.  Basic guidance includes meeting(s) and a checklist with timelines to ensure that your timing is on track and your steps are all executed.   Our premier service will include regular meetings and all nonclinical/business details executed by our office.  This will leave you with the time needed to execute your plan for patient care.

Chart Audit

To satisfy your compliance and quality needs we offer a chart audit service that is as robust as your medical practice needs.  We can serve as your external 3rd party auditor or if MPS currently performs your billing needs, we can perform an internal quality check for coding quality and reimbursement level.

Staff Development

Training your staff on best practices is not only a new hire requirement, but minimally an annual necessity for any compliance plan.  MPS professional staff can deliver a current and effective training on all nonclinical medical practice procedures.


Our staffing support can be scaled to your needs.  MPS service can be retained to simply source qualified candidates or we can be retained to perform the entire recruitment process, including background checks.  Our goal is to not just place a skilled individual, but one that will integrate with your desired medical practice culture. 

Best Practices / Policies & Procedures

To protect your business it is always a best practice to document your policies and procedures (P&Ps).  Additionally, having your P&Ps mirror the industry’s best practices will ensure great and compliant business health and satisfaction from your patients to your employees.

Revenue Cycle Management

MPS can support the process of revenue management from payer contracts and credentialing to revenue reporting and assessment.  This service will cover all aspects of your revenue flow to ensure maximum reimbursement levels and efficient resource allocation.




 "MPS has been very responsive to the unique and individual needs of our practice" 

                           - Robert Kossman, M.D. 


 "MPS turned our practice around with their efficient billing and credentialing expertise!"

                          - Dave Gonzales, M.D.

 “MPS has been exceptionally responsive in generating timely data-specific reports and getting us the most value from our AR”

                           - Joshua Brown, MD