Revenue management and receiving maximum reimbursement for services provided is the key to success for any medical practice. In an increasingly complex and changing time in this regulatory environment, Medical Practice Solutions offers a professional cost effective solution.

MPS integrates an experienced and educated staff and proven processes together with the latest technology to ensure your office’s revenues are tracked and collected in the timeliest manner possible.

By allowing MPS to manage your claims, billing, and coding, we are able to allow you the time to focus on your strengths; people and medicine. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing service or patient support. We successfully convert medical services into cash reimbursements by providing a full range of medical billing services.
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  We offer a complete business solution to your medical billing and practice management needs. Whether you are a private practice, a primary care physician, or a specialty practice,   with our process, we will maximize your cash flow.   more... 

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  EPA Low Carbon IT Campaign

"MPS turned our practice around with their efficient billing and credentialing expertise!"

  - Dave Gonzales, M.D.
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